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Peppermint Jumpsuit Review

How did it take so long to finally sew up the Peppermint Jumpsuit? It’s a free pattern created through a collaboration between In the Folds and Peppermint Magazine. I’m so happy to have this new wardrobe addition.

Pattern and Fabric

Yay! This is my kind of garment. Loose and airy, and sewn up in a gorgeous olive 100% linen from Joann Stores. Uncinched at the waist it looks a little like a potato sack, but a fancy and intentional potato sack. Ha.

This pattern is drafted with a lot of ease through the legs and hips which gives it some volume. Then, with the added tie belt it looks instantly dressed up. I made a straight size 12 based on my bust measurement. My hips measure something below that but I figured I’d just go with it. I was not expecting a fitted garment, which was good. This isn’t at all fitted, lots of ease of movement, and lots of comfort.

I had the pattern printed, taped, and cut out in my size for, I dunno how long, months. It’s so weird when that happens. This olive linen was also sitting rolled up in my stash and I loved the color so much but just couldn’t quite decide what to do with it. I had a fair amount of yardage (maybe 3.5 yards?) and wanted to put it to good use. Then it hit me, I needed to make a Peppermint Jumpsuit which suddenly I knew would put all this lovely yardage to good use.


My fabric was only 53” wide so this jumpsuit ate it all up with no problems. I skimmed about an inch off the length since I didn’t want the finished jumpsuit too long, and I altered the facing pieces so that I could insert the zipper at the front. It’s just more comfortable to have a zipper in front, in my opinion, plus I’m still nursing occasionally during the day. So whoop for easy access.

To alter the facing pieces I cut the front facing in two pieces rather than on the fold, remembering to add seam allowance to the center front. Also, although I didn’t have to, I opted to cut the back facing piece on the fold rather than in two, removing that seam allowance.

Last but not least, I added inseam pockets. That’s because, well, you know… Pockets! A girl needs somewhere to put her hands, aaaand tissues or rocks.

Final Thoughts

The Peppermint Jumpsuit is just a good, solid pattern. I’d love to have one in a print. Emily of In the Folds is an amazing designer. I feel really good in this, but I’m sure I can easily dress this up with the right shoes and maybe a blazer (which I do not have!) I can also see wearing this without the tie, layered over a sweater or t-shirt, under a coat. That’s all I got for now, folks! Xx

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  • Fran

    Loved your jumpsuit on IG and had to find your blog article with modifications. Thanks for the details. I am not a jumpsuit person but, with zipper in front, I’ll give it a try. Time for a challenge.

    • Patricia Bonifacio

      Ive seen yr comment on the jumpsuit and thought i would share that if you click on the highlighted words ‘peppermint jumpsuit at the start of her script it will take you to the site where you can download the pattern. .hope it works !

  • Lisette

    Hi Angie, I loooove your take on this jumpsuit. Especially with a zip in front for nursing; much needed. I would love to make this jumpsuit as well. Can’t figure out the sizes though. Do you know which peppermint size (A-K) resembles size 12? 🙂 Thanks in advance!

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